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Vampires trying to kill me

I was in my home, and I was playing with my sister, who was only two in my dream but is eight now. I hear this noise saying, “don’t look behind you”. So my sister and I edged forward and turned around just as the creature tore a piece of flesh out of my sisters neck. I screamed and grabbed my sister as soon as my mom Came in. She tried to hit the vampire with a broom, but it lunged at her and threw her to the ground. He leaned down next to her neck and her body became white. I tried to push the monster away, but he wouldnt budge. Finally, I went to the cupboard and grabbed a steak knife, and raised my hand to stab him, but he turned at the last second and plunged it into my heart. As I was waking up, I could see my sister crying alone in the corner clutching her neck, and my mom trying to move across the room to her, but dyed halfway there, and before I was about to wake up, I grabbed the knife and threw it at the vampire, succeeding in turning him to ashes, I ran to the cupboard again and grabbed some gauze but I was too late. I woke up shouting, but no tears this time.

Posted 5 years ago

Interpretations (2)

Interpretation #1

This dream is scary to say the least. Being consumed by vampires suggests that you are sure to meet some evil fortune which will leave you in tatters. However, do not give up without a fight because if you put in your best effort, you can kill the difficulty or the threat just like you managed to burn the vampire to ashes. However, be prepared to meet daunting challenges as the problem in your life might engulf you viciously and affect your entire family as well. So, the time calls for making good decisions and being cautious as a danger equivalent to blood sucking vampire might be lurking round the corner.

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Answered By: Annie(1678 points Unconsciousness Hero)
Interpretation #2 by Anonymous

I had a dream almost the same but it really freaks me i dreamt that i was in a pack full of vampire and they did not suspect if i was a human there is one girl she was a vampire but my friend where as i called her Renna… there was the leader of all vampire and the talking making a conference like a meeting with all existing vampire… and the leader of vamps said something which is still blur to me then i raised my hand to ask a question but she say but didn’t not wish to take my question,,,, so as the meeting finish she called me asked me to come to her she went up the stairs and i was really scared i told her i had to go but she pulled up my hand and scared me with her vamps fangs … when i went up the stairs she already disappear and i saw girls striping on the floor and doing all sort of sexual things i walked past them went inside and suddenly boo!! she jump out with a knife i tried to stop her we fought and fought until she stabbed me with the knife on the left side of my lower back and she was gonna stab me again at the moment i took her hand and cant even explain want i did but after 5 second i broke her wrist and took the knife she tried chasing after me i hold the knife straight up and she ran straight to the knife that’s when the knife penetrated to her stomach and before i woke up from that dream where she stabbed me was very painful even when i woke up i could because i felt the pain … but the strangest thing is that the is a scratch…

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