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Vehicles and Children

So I was learning how to drive a 4-wheeler from a company called Ocean Water Sports. My dad used to work there. This 4-wheeler wasn’t normal though, it was extremely tall. About as tall as a monster truck. It was also red. Anyways, because of the height, it was extremely difficult to drive, especially considering I have no experience in driving in both the real and dream world (I’m 15). But I managed. People at Ocean Water Sports would sit in front of the vehicle and I would have to drive up right in front of them and stop. I made it through the day with no mishaps, and there was a group of people next to me; people from Ocean Water Sports and my parents. They are divorced by the way. I was still driving the 4-wheeler. My mom was a giant walking beside me. Suddenly, I lost my balance and was leaning back, about to fall off. I asked my Mom to push me back in place, but she told me I could do it myself. I kept on asking and she still had the same answer. Eventually, I decided I didn’t care anymore and let myself fall. I gave up. The 4-wheeler tipped with me. It was upside down. I was fine, but the people around me were disappointed. Mom isn’t a giant anymore. They weren’t concerned about me at all. Then they revealed this was a sort of driving test and I failed. I tried to explain to them that I was about to fall off and Mom wouldn’t help me back in place, repeating myself multiple times, but no one cared. Which kind of upset me but I kept it inside. They just brushed the whole situation off and said we were going to have a lot of fun. They mentioned Green Day, the movies and a waterpark. Apparently, in the dream, Ocean Water Sports were really rich and Mom and I were poor. Ocean Water Sports was helping us out. Also forgot to mention Mom and I were visiting Dad and everyone there. Mom and Dad normally don’t get along at all, always fighting and arguing. Also, note that currently Mom’s leg is messed up and she has difficulty walking. Dad asked me if I was fine and if my leg was broken or anything. I replied that I was fine but turned around to see he was talking to mom. They were having a deep conversation and getting along. Ignoring me. This is the first time this has ever happened to me involving my parents, both in the dream and real world. I should feel happy that they were getting along but instead felt left out and jealous. As a group we continued along our merry way, I think to some waterpark. I continued ahead of everyone. There was only a girl in front of me, I think the daughter of someone from Ocean Water Sports. I didn’t know her. She was about 7-8 with brown hair. We were nearing the end of the sidewalk and she was about to cross the street. I noticed a black bus passing and stopped her just in time from crossing the street. I think I yelled out to her. After that we continued, then there was a toddler in front of her, the girl’s sister, with black hair. The girl was still in front of me but the toddler was ever further ahead. I noticed the toddler edging towards the sidewalk where a bunch of cars were passing. I was too far away to do anything so instead, I yelled at her sister to grab her, which she did just in time. I walked up to them and just sat in front of them, protective. Then I noticed all the cars were gone but one. He was right in front of us. He looked to be in his 20’s with spiky blonde hair in a fancy (I think silver) car. He looked angry and annoyed, glaring in the direction ahead of him. I looked and saw a red head boy, about 7-8 years old, wearing swimming trunks. He was standing across the street, in the way of the car. Taunting him and laughing. The guy in the car got more irritated before he sped off, not caring if he hit the boy. Luckily, the boy jumped out of the way just in time, into a sign. After the car was gone, the boy raced diagonally on the street, so now he was across from us. Then I notice his brother, about 10 years old, blonde hair with a reddish tint and wearing swimming trunks. They both have drinks, which have fire blazing out of them with long straws. They both start drinking out of it and the blonde wimps out, with the red head continuing to drink it seemingly unaffected. I could tell he was the more daring of the two. Then my dream ends.

Posted 8 hours ago

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