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very strange dream about getting shot and going to hospital…

ok im trying to remember it all but i know i cant.. i remember the important parts though. here it is.. i was in a strange house that ive never seen before but i lived there. my dad also lived with me and there was a group of people there like a party kinda. i remember going into my bedroom and laying on my bed and then one of the guys came in with a gun and started to shoot at me so i rolled backwards off of my bed trying to not get hit. i found a small pistol (i think it was like a .25 cal) and i popped up and shot the guy in the head, after that i could hear people screaming and i heard loud stomping like someone running to get to my room.. i seen a gun barrel in the doorway as he was entering my room i kicked him in the chest and knocked him on his back. i went back into my room and hid behind my entertainment center. he rushed in my room and was screaming ‘come out little bitch’. as he walked into my room i jumped out from my cover and unloaded the gun on him. as i shot him and while he was on his way to the floor he spun around and fired the gun (it was like an automatic rifle if i had to say a size probable a 22.. small bullets) one of the rounds hit me almost dead center of the chest a little on the right side.. i asked myself if i had been shot and told my self no i was fine.. then i felt my chest and there was no blood, no pain.. i was calm and i walked out of my room to check on my dad. before i got to his room i lifted my shirt and looked at my chest.. there was a hole. no blood just a hole, i touched the hole and thought oh damn i DID get shot. then a small trickle of blood came out of the hole (i still remember how the hole felt it was so realistic) my chest very slowly tightened up and i thought i was going to die but it still did not hurt (it was uncomfortable though) i calmly went into my dads room and i said ‘dad wake up you need to take me to the hospital.. he rolled over and said what? why? i told him that i had been shot and needed him to drive me to the hospital. he said WHAT?! WHERE? i told him that there’s no time we need to go now! we got into his 66 ford and took off. i kept holding my chest as the uncomfortable feeling and tightness was getting worse by the second. i remember i was getting really cold but there was BARELY and blood coming out of that small hole. then my chest started to hurt so bad i couldn’t breathe or move.. that’s when i woke up. i was still in bad pain and cold and stiff after i was awake. that lasted for only a few seconds but i still couldn’t understand why i was so calm during the entire dream… no panic at all it was like i knew exactly what i was doing or something.

Posted 1 year ago

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