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Walking in a forest, guy friend’s girlfriend, church, annoyance?

I remember in my dream I was walking through a very beautiful forest with a very straight path and sunshine through the trees. I remember enjoying the scenery a lot as I walked through the path but as I was walking, my best guy friend was right behind me with his girlfriend walking too almost like they were following me. As they were walking, they were being more lovie-dovie towards each other and I was getting annoyed by that. As we were walking, we came to a halt at an 6ft brick like cliff that only continues the path through the forest. My guy friend and his girlfriend just sit at the side of the path talking and being more lovie-dovie while I tried to climb up it. While being completely annoyed by their actions, I waited for their assistance or to at least see if they would start following me again but yet they were too preoccupied to even notice me since yet again they were being really romantic with each other. Irritated now, i climbed up the cliff myself and left them behind. As i continued the path by myself, i came to this very big and authentic Gothic agricultural church with a long flight of stairs leading to the entrance. I saw other kids at my high school grade level climbing the stairs and entering the church with the teachers so i started to do the same. We sat down in the chapel that was connected to the hallway with benches in it. As we listened to someone talk in the chapel, I turned around to see my guy friend with his girlfriend being completely separated with the class and lovie-dovie with his girlfriend. When the speech was over, I exited the church making my way down the stairs with yet again my guy friend with his girlfriend, following me, being lovie-dovie with her, and me being annoyed by it.

It was kind of a weird dream to have and i have no idea what it could interpret. The thing that i recall really liking from the dream was the setting of the forest and the design of the church.

Posted 4 years ago

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Interpretation #1

The dream has a strong message. It says that life will never be perfect. You know what is the most beautiful thing about life? It is the fact that even though, we have some imperfections, we can still appreciate the beautiful things around us. There are a lot of stuffs that will annoy you, but at the same time, you are going to find some positive and uplifting things too. Though, you were annoyed by your friend and his girlfriend being totally hooked to each other, it is the beauty of the place and church that you remember the most.

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Answered By: Annie(1678 points Unconsciousness Hero)

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