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Walking up to a house/ herd of lions

I dreamed I walking up in the dark, rainy night up a hill. I was stumbling around as if had no balance or was involved traumatic event that made me lose any control of balance. I could see the solid ground below as I was walking in the dark from the light reflection on the wet ground given from where the direction the light came from. So I then decided to follow a little stream, going downhill, created by the rain and showing the reflection of the light which I then assumed was in the direction of the light.

Then I looked up and noticed an unknown man in the dark, running downhill while speaking some message to me which I cannot remember. But from the tone and panic of his voice, he sounded scared about something. He then ran past me, I continued to look straight ahead and that’s when noticed a house, w/ a door and the lights shining from inside through two large glass windows, at the top of this rocky hill.

The house sat on a solid concrete foundation that kept it high from the ground. I climbed up the foundation and now stood on what looked like a large concrete porch of the house. I walked over and stood at the front of the door, opened it and noticed the lights were a little dimmed now, but still gave enough light to see. I noticed also furniture, a table and straight was a hallway leading to other rooms. I walked to my right where the table was sitting and noticed another large window that over looked down below where I noticed a vehicle that looked like as an SUV. As I watched out the window, I noticed a person in the dark, that may have been the man I saw earlier, open the passenger door of the SUV and got in. I don’t know why I assumed that was my SUV, but then I grabbed from the table some spare keys and clicked on the alarm of the SUV to sound off. The person then got out and clicked to locked the doors of the SUV.

Then the dream changed and I awoke in bed in a nice bedroom. Beige seem to be the color theme of the room. Noticing through the window, it must have been daylight. Then I noticed something slightly moving on my bed, under the same comforters I was sleeping with, that was partially exposed. That something was slightly furry and so I leaned forward to uncover what it was under the comforters. I uncovered a little and more fur begin to expose. Until finally, I covered what laid under my comforters sleeping along side me. It was a large male lion on its side, resting on the bedding covers. It’s eyes were open and now looking at me, but it never got up. Then I noticed three other lioness roaming around in the bedroom. None of the lions attacked me, but one of the lioness got on the bed and started walking towards me as I still laid in bed. As I now looked up at the lioness, she spoke to me, “be careful…he will hurt you”.

Posted 2 years ago

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