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War between beasts spiritis and an unknown girl

I’m only able to write from middle part to end.
It was a barren city. I was looking through an unknown girl’s eyes. She had this ability to jump high up which almost looked like she could fly. She was running from a huge yellow and black stripped beast for whom bad spirits appeared to help. Somehow by jumping on top of buildings she found some not-so-trustworthy looking people. They let her in and she went downstairs to find a room. It had a wardrobe and a bed in it, but as she was searching around she saw that beast coming in and hid herself. The beast didn’t notice and went into another room after opening his wardrobe. A spirit emerged from it and tried to grab her. She ran upstairs from where she entered(The roof door) only find no-one else around and a locked door. The spirit didn’t follow. A boy was in a nearby room who came to aid her, but did nothing of help and only said “it was no use”. She tried pulling off the opening above the door but didn’t work so she kicked the door until broke open. The boy went outside first. He wanted to getaway from that place too, so she held him tight and jumped. After going a little farther they landed near a shop Which I though sold stationery items. The shopkeeper didn’t look fond of them cuz they had no money to buy anything. The boy went to the shop for some reason, asking the girl to get herself a pair of shoes. There she made a comment,”I’m better off with shoes”. They jumped a little more further to some relative’s house. Somehow I appeared with them, the boy turned into my father and the girl remained the girl she was. Now I started to see things from my own eyes. The girl sensed the beast following us, so made her get away like a rabbit(literally, cuz she turned into one), and told my father to go home. He took me with him. When I told them about the beast (I never told them about the girl), I said that,”The beast is chasing after me and is ready to give any reward my persuer including a gold house(Idk why I added that but what I told them was true). He can turn anyone against anyone”. Instead of helping me my whole family told me to get caught and after they get their ‘reward’ they’ll free me through a lawyer or something like that, but I’m sure they just wanted the money. I fled the house and outside was a plain wasteland. The beast stood there waiting for me. I tried jumping high to throw some punches at him, but didn’t just jump high I was flying, so was he. He summoned his spirits and we started fighting.
This is where I woke up
Note: That beast came in my dreams before many times(each time in a different shape, sometimes a black snake, a cruel man e.t.c) and so did the girl, but I wasn’t always looking through her eyes.

Posted 10 months ago

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