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Was assualted sexually by a family member…


I had a dream that I was sexually assaulted by my Father that has been deceased for nearly 10 years. I hate to go into too much detail but I was sodomized by him and I remembered him saying in the dream something about “teaching me a lesson” and how I was going to learn that I’m not as tough as I think I am.
In the same dream, I also recalled a distant uncle doing the same thing to me.
It’s weird because I do not have behavioral problems in my walking life and the “uncle” was only a uncle in my dream — I think I may have seen the guy in passing in my waking life but nothing more.
I also want to add that I did not actually have the event happen in my dream, but I thought back to it in my dream and finally confessed to my mother about what happened.

The only main issue I am having in my walking life at the current moment is trying to get a business running.

I’d be happy to add more life details if needed and thanks for your assistance!

Posted 1 year ago

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Interpretation #1

Incest sex dreams are so common. I too had that dream experience many a times. No need to worry. Try more time with your love is the only remedy for this

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Answered By: madhuUU(4 points Novice)

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