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weird dream about my EX and his new girlfriend

I’ve been having this weird dream about my ex and his new girl for two consecutive nights now. But last night, was the most memorable. In my dream I entered a bedroom where I saw them, he was lying on her lap and laughing and like talking to each other. It’s awkward but I still entered the room and just get the thing that I needed ( I don’t actually remember what I get ) and got out immediately. I have’nt really got to meet this girl in person and barely recognizes her face but in my dream she looked at me as I passed them by. Also, I have noticed that in my dream his step-daughter to-be (his new girl’s daughter) is in the room too and she is playing with her toys.

That dream kept me awake and I find it hard to get back to sleep. Please help me interpret it.

Posted 5 years ago

Interpretations (9)

Interpretation #1

Although, you have broken with your ex, it seems that you are having a hard time in accepting the fact. You continue to think about the life he has and the girlfriend he is enjoying his time with. You need to truly analyze the type of feelings that you have as it seems that you are avoiding contact with him because of the fact that you are scared that you will not be able to accept the distance in your relationship. So, you should try to either accept that the relationship is over and move on or take the final decision.

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Answered By: Annie(1678 points Unconsciousness Hero)
Interpretation #2 by Anonymous

I had a man in my life for years. We never had anything serious between us, we were just lovers, although i was in love with him, hoping it will get more serous once i move back. I told this to him.. As we live in different countries..etc.. 
I knew he he was dating with other girls just for fun, but found out he had a serious relationship with someone and also moved in together..etc..but still he kept contacting me, like nothing is going on.  It went on for years. Than i told him to seriously stop it, we don’t talk anymore. 
And i had a dream last night. I was in a grocery store buying some bread when i saw him and his new girlfriend. They left the store hand in hand laughing and talking. 
Than the next picture the girlfriend coming back and she hold the shirt he was wearing was all wet. I stopped her and asked where is he and what happened with the shirt. 
She said he had an accident and now she is taking the shirt to the dry cleaner. He is at home alone in pain. And he is sad as they broke up but she said they brake up as he doesn’t love her and never loved her at all. 
I feel i would like to call him to ask if he is ok. This dream felt so lifelike. But that i sa stupid idea. Please help me interpret it. 

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Interpretation #3 by Anonymous

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Interpretation #4 by Anonymous

I had this weird dream about my ex and his new girlfriend that I get to know his new girlfriend and we became friends but in reality I didn’t even see her. And then my ex knows that and the girl is boarding in our house so he wants his new gf to transfer to another house and then I was there listening to their argue and I heard my ex saying that Use my clothes that my ex usually wears. And the other day I dreamt of him with his ex girlfriend. Can you please help me? This is the reason why I woke up every early in the morning and I felt pain deep inside me. And my dream looks like real.

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Interpretation #5 by Anonymous

Had an terrible nightmare that my ex boyfriend new girlfriend and him we’rent even dating they were just fwbs i was an ghost passing by….then he said im.using u for sex and then they got their clothes off i was disturbeb by it i ran away

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Interpretation #6 by Anonymous

I left my ex boyfriend several months ago, because he was not good to me and our children. He in a new relationship and o dream about it all the time. I do not want him back, but I dream about him and his new girlfriend

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Interpretation #7 by Anonymous

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Interpretation #8

my dreams consist of my ex husband and girlfriend and girlfriend’s friends and a ex husband had a child in his arms he laid the child in bed while one of the girlfriend’s friend was near the child covering. I told the girlfriend’s. Friend that i dont care about there relation that i only care about my children. Then i saw myself walking away. Fom my ex husband and my exhusband trying to give me $20 while walking behind me. And i said i dont want your money ,you just have 200 a while ago. And i also told my exhusband i will not go back with him and he stared at me and turn around sadly,

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Answered By: patricia gomez(3 points Novice)
Interpretation #9 by Anonymous

My ex partner was abusive and tormented me about his ex girlfriend, when we ended he began a relationship with her and now shes pregnant, i dreamt that i knocked on his door and wanted to to make peace but his aunty who i dislike stood between us, i hugged his pregnant girlfriend but cant understand why i dreamt of this can anyone offer an interpretation please

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