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Weird dream of suicide and becoming a ghost?


First of all, this might be a little long post because I have really been able to actually recall this dream. It might have been the impact it had on me. Anyway, here it is, I would love for you guys to help me out on why I had this type of dream. Thanks!

Okay, So first of all it started with me being at the old apartments that I use to live at. It was all old and there were vines growing everywhere and it basically looked abandoned, and yet I was still there. I was walking around with my family at first and then after a couple of minutes they just disappeared. I didn’t really care and I just kept walking forward.

I then found myself upon a little park. Okay so here is the layout of it. On the right of me, about half a mile was the actual park, on the left of me, about a couple of feet away was a large rock. In front of me was like a junk yard. So, I kept walking forward to the direction of the junkyard until I stopped. I heard screaming coming from the park. It wasn’t screams calling for help, it was screams of someone telling someone to put their hand up. I looked in their direction and I see someone putting a gun to another person’s head. At first, the person with their hands up began fighting back and after a minute or so, shoots are being fired. However, shots weren’t being fired at the person with their hands up, they were being fired at me!

At first, it didn’t really bother me and I kept walking forward because they were missing me, a lot. Seriously, there were like Stormtroppers. Anyway, after a couple of shots and them missing, I started hearing them shout “Get Him! There can’t be no witnesses!” and after a while I just started running. But I wasn’t running toward the Junkyard, I was running toward the rock that was on my left. I guessed the shooters realized this and starting shooting in that direction. I was really close to this rock until I felt great pain in my right thigh. They shot me in my thigh and yet, I kept walking toward the rock. More shots were taken and two hit my right thigh again. At this point, I’m crawling toward the rock now and I kept telling myself that I needed to get away from them.

It didn’t take them that long to run after me and when they came up to me, they didn’t shoot me. They just stared at me and then their grins turned into frowns. Maybe they were feeling guilty, but I don’t know. They turned around and whispered some stuff and then picked me up. At this point, I was thinking “why won’t they just end it?” and “At this point, I don’t feel like fighting back, just end my misery”. It took me about a couple of minutes to realize where they were taking me. They were walking toward the Junkyard but I really couldn’t figure out why.

It took us about 20 minutes to get there and during the time they patched up my leg. When we reached the entrance of the Junkyard, They put me down and politely asked if I could walk the rest of the way. I said I’ll try and one of the guys flashed me a faint smile. When we were walking around the Junkyard just looking around, one of the guys came close and put their arms around me. They were apologizing about all of this and just said that it was a misunderstanding. At this point, for a reason I don’t understand, I felt safe. They made me feel comfortable and the guy with the arm around me made me feel happy? for some reason.

However, that didn’t last long. We reached the middle of the Junkyard and there was this campfire. During the time around the campfire, it felt…dark. It felt like I knew something bad was going to happen. I sat near the fire and took of the bandages that were around my thigh. I realized that it was bad and infected and I felt the worst was coming. Another guy came up to me and asked to take a look. When they looked, they gave me a smile and asked if they could tend to it. I asked if I was going to make it and they said of course. After a while, I don’t know why, but I just wanted to end it. I was thinking about asking them to kill me. I was saying that I didn’t want to be in this world and that it was a burden.

So after the guy came back, I asked him to end it for me. At first, he was confused asking why I wanted that, and all I did was yell at him to end it. He went to this other guy, said some words, and came back with a gun. He pointed it at my face and asked if I really wanted this. At first, I was asking myself if I really wanted this and after a minute or so I just yelled “DO IT ALREADY!”. This guy was obviously not comfortable with it and a tear ran down his face and then a shot was fired. I was dead, and immediately I just said “Wow, I can’t believe I just committed suicide.” (Side note: No, I have never been suicidal and I am actually quite happy with my life. I don’t understand why this happened?)

After a while flashing from black to white, I ended up in a game store, I think it was Gamestop. (Yeah, I don’t know what happened. I guessed I just came back as a ghost and ended up in a gamestore for some reason) After a while of walking around as a ghost, I found my Mom and Nana. They were walking around looking at games and talking about reason of why I committed suicide. They were always said and said things like “I don’t know why he did it” “He was just a happy boy” “I don’t know how to tell his brothers and sisters” (I have two brothers and a sister). After a while, I tried to tell them that it wasn’t their fault. I kept screaming at them that I regretted doing it. I actually did regret it after I heard all of this. I felt so bad after hearing all of this for some reason. I tried hugging them but they didn’t notice. I tried telling them that I was there and that I was fine; They didn’t notice. After a while, I was begging on giving up until my body hit a shelf and a game fell. My nana came and picked it up and an idea came into my head. I picked up the game that she put back and I tossed it under her feet. She went and picked it back up confused. I did this twice. On the third time, she was getting a bit scared. When I saw this, I came and hugged her and I heard a soft mumble say my name! I finally got her attention and she was calling out my name asking if I was there! I said yes and yes all happy and stuff until I realized something. She couldn’t hear me. I tried screaming that I was here but she still couldn’t hear me. After 5 minutes, she just gave up and walked away sad.

I felt so sad that I just walked away out of the store. After a minute or so, my vision went black and then I found myself inside of a K.F.C waiting in line. (Yeah, don’t ask why because I don’t know myself) There was a guy in front of me saying his order and another guy behind me, but I really didn’t pay attention to him. The guy in front of me, after getting his food, paid and walked away. I went up a head but then the cash register lady just said “Finally, no more customers!” At first I was confused and said “Hey man, I’m right here. You don’t have to be rude.” At this point, the guy behind me tapped on my shoulder. He then said ” I knew it” He then tossed me around and looked at me. He said “What do you think you’re doing? You know we’re ghost right? And people can’t really see or hear us you know!” He then gave me this angry face but he then turned calm. “Hey man, I’m sorry. It’s just taking me sometime to get used to being…a ghost you know.” he said. I responded by saying it’s no problem and that I was trying to get used to it too.

However there was one thing that I noticed. We were both light ghost. We weren’t dark colored or anything, we were like a very light and very light blue color. We were very bright. (Does this mean anything?) Anyway, after talking and chatting on how we died, he introduced me to his friend. We walked toward his? house and we see two guys in there. However, they weren’t dead, they were still alive. One was watching tv and the other was in their room. The guy then mentioned that these were his roommates before he died and that I could make myself at home. At this point, I really didn’t mind and I just walked around. The guy watching tv didn’t really notice us (Obviously) so I went to the guy that was in his room.

When I did though, he immediately looked in my direction and just said “Well look what we have here another one”. At first I was kind of confused until he said “Yeah I’m talking to you, you ghost” I was shocked! Someone noticed me. I ran to him and started asking question of how he was able to see me. But he wasn’t answering them, he was just ignoring me. He then said “Don’t worry, I’m going to join you guys soon. I’m going to end it myself to, just like you.” When he said that, I was wondering how he knew that. I was wondering how did he know that I committed suicide? But at this point, I quickly shrugged that off and told him to not to.

I told him that I regretted it and all of that stuff and yet, he just said that no one was there for him and that no one cared. At this point, I put my hand on his shoulder and said “Hey, look, I know we just met but I care for you. And if you allow me, I’ll follow you. I’ll be your support. I’ll be there for you.” After this, I’m assuming that I convinced him because he just gave me a hug and said thank you. Then after that, I woke up.

If anyone can help me determine why I had this type of dream, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

Posted 5 months ago

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