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This is the second dream about werewolves,it happened this time of year,last year.The first time I dreamt about it,it had werewolves and vampires.It was in the night,in a big mountain we were in the bottom of the mountain ,the ground was very dry very few trees and they were tall,all circling the mountain.It was a field trip there were kinder kids and older kids too…the teachers were guiding them to the mountain,some underground in the tunnels and some to climb it.I dont know what happened first,i was with the kinder kids me being older (normal self,only with hair down).I was underground with them in the tunnel there were this steps short,wide steps,then the ground shook and the mountain wasnt a mountain it was a volcano,the lava came pouring down the steps killing the kids,i was i the back shocked,then there were no kids they were all dead.I ran to warn the others,then like bam,im outside in top of the mountain,the teacher doesnt know what happened,the kids are all smiling,im warning them to get down,the ground shook again the lava pours down,there is howling and growling of inhuman sounds,the kids run but its too late for some of them,they get killed by the lava.Then bam,im in the bottom of the mountain/volcano,its choas kids are running and screaming and so are the teachers.Its so dark but i can see whats happening,vampires fall down from the trees taking the kids and vanishing one is about to bite the kid and sees me and it vanishes,i run.The vampires see me and are about to attack but then they dont like they avoid me.There are 1 or 2 remaining kids i think to them to follow me,and they do.We run and run deep in the forest and find a cabin,we enter and we lock the door.Inside we find a black wolf pup,that other people are trying to kill,because he might be a werewolf or something,I have a strong desire to protect and help him,and the other to kids that survived with me,There is a another door in the cabin and i open it and go thru the door and its so bright and i realize that we are in a store,i grab a bag of jerky and some other stuff,and hide the pup and try to get out of the store and bam…im awake but at the same time i know im sleeping.

Then a few days later my sister has a field trip and its to a mountain.They are going to spend three days there,i remember the dream and tell her not to go,but my mom gives her permission and she goes.Then she leaves,That same day they call my mom and tell her that my sister is very sick,my sis spends the three days in bed in the fieldtrip,then she comes back still sick with a fever,but ok.

The dream i had last night is very brief.It was night no moon and there was a guy and i knew he was a werewolf,and so did he know that i was too.Then i dont remember well we start talking like we are rivals and something about a debt,then there is a train and a white-grayish wolf trying to catch up to me in the train.Thats it…
i was wondering what does all of this means…

Posted 2 years ago

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