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What felt like a shared sexual dream

I dreamt I was with a work colleague. She came on to me very strongly and I gave in entirely. Let’s say we enjoyed each others company, but then we had a false awakening. Both of us. We both seemed a bit groggy, like we had actually just awoken together. I gained a little lucidity and asked her “are we still dreaming?” … she just looked at me confused, as if to say she didn’t know.

The strangest thing is I have the strongest feeling that it was a mutual dream; that is, she had the same dream as I. I came to this site through a Google search that led me to this page http://dreamdoze.com/can-people-share-dreams/ which has only made me more curious. It seems I was more lucid than her, and (perhaps it is just from my perspective) I sensed an awkward energy between us at work today despite not sharing a word. I’m certainly not going to ask her about it as – well maybe she won’t remember, maybe I’m loopy in thinking it’s shared, but even if she does, it’d only make things more awkward. The dream was an odd experience to say the least.

I’ve listed it as prophetic/ominous as it certainly wasn’t “love” or “romance” related. I am actually a Christian still finding my feet in the faith, ironically enough I had spent much of the previous evening in personal Bible study finding verses on finding love, romance, and controlling my lustful impulses, which as you can guess is my vice. Perhaps the dream was just a completely rationally and non supernaturally explained response to that. I suppose your personal beliefs will shape your opinion on this.

Posted 9 months ago

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