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Wolf Quest

Today my dream was about Wolves. From the start of my dream, I was having a some old days I always do, I was looking thing up on computer, then I went to this website to see what it is. I saw cool stuff on it, then a pop-up came up and showed a fursuit of animals and how to make them, the title of the pop-up was fursuits that will change your life for ever. I was going to close it but something in my head told me not to and do it. So I started making a fursuit of a wolf. After I was done, I put it on to see how it looks, then my house started to shake, the floor cracked and their was grass coming out from the cracks, then came the trees that grow taller and taller till its done growing. Once it was over, my house wasn’t my house anymore, it was a forest, I was going to take off my wolf fursuit mask because I was scared, but it wouldn’t budge, I saw a pond not far from me and ran to it, I looked in the reflection to see why it’s not coming off. After I got a good glimps of the mask, it wasn’t a mask anymore, It’s was my face, part of me. I chacked the the rest of the suit and the same thing happened to my mask. I was a real life Wolf anthro. Then I heard a howl, then I howled back for no reason. I heard the wolves coming, then I saw them popped up behid the trees, there was a white wolf different from the black wolves. The white wolf taked to me and said “you have chosen your destiny and now you must live it.” I said “How did I get here? what happened to my house?” the white wolf said “You destiny and your heart and mind have brought you here, you have the soul of the wolf.” I said ” I only collect wolves, I draw them because they are cool.” the white wolf said “thats not what destiny gave you.” I had no answer to that, I shut up and followed him, he told me that I must kill an prey to continue my quest… my destiny. If I refuse to kill an animal, then I would never know why this happened to me. after a while, I finaly cought a deer , every wolf and the white wolf stand before me to watch me eat the deer, I tried to take a bit but I couldn’t. I ran behind the tree next to me coughing spitting out the blood, I heard the wolves ganged up on the deer, I was talking to myself “why I couldn’t eat a deer!!” over and over until I felt the feeling to run until the white wolf came out of no were and told my “you’ll get it some day, not all pups enjoys their first kill, you’ll become a full fledge wolf on your second life when your destine ends” I was going to ask him second? until my brother awaken me and saw the clock at 3:29 in the afternoon.

I don’t know what happened but that dream was long, from 9:00 at night to 3:29 in the afternoon. this dream was the only one that is longer them my other dreams. I hope you find what this means, because I have a feeling that I’m going to do something that will change the world. Also sorry about my spelling, I rather write my dream down with spelling errors then few dreams with spelling correction. Please find out fast :)

Posted 6 years ago

Interpretations (12)

Interpretation #1 by Anonymous

I had a lucid dream where I was a wolf. I woke up in a wet mattress.

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Interpretation #2

Hi wolf-king, I hope you’re still around. I wish I read this dream of yours earlier, because this one seems quite complex and omenous. I’m having some problems analyzing it because the outset is very unusual in this case. But we should begin somewhere nontheless.
To answer your dream, there are a few questions we should ask at first.
What is a wolf to you?
What is a forest?
What is the pond, and your reflection?
Who is the white wolf?
Who do the deer symbolize?
Who do the other wolves symbolize to you?
Wolved are usually negative characteristics, but from your dream that may not necessarily reflect that. The white wolf seemed pretty kind and understanding there.
Forests usually symbolize growth. In Jungian psychology, any rapid growth of leafs and trees is usually an archetype for serious change. Obviously you are going through some major transformation. I feel like you could be well on your way on a very interesting journey, and without doubt the white wolf is some kind of a leader, a mentor. I think you are going to face several tests in the near future.
I would like to go deeper into this specific dream so I hope that it’s okay with you if I ask a couple of colleagues of mine and investigate this more closely over the next few days.

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Answered By: AlexWeiss(5 points Novice)
Interpretation #3 by Anonymous

Hi Alex, sorry that I haven’t been on because I was going to give up on this dream since no one wants to interpret this dream. The questions that you want to ask about.

What is a wolf to you? Like a regular Wolf.

What is a forest?  Mysterious.
What is the pond, and your reflection?  Regular pond, What I really look like inside.

Who is the white wolf? I don’t know.

Who do the deer symbolize? I don’t know, or maybe First task I think?
Who do the other wolves symbolize to you?  I don’t know, maybe its another regular wolf.

I hope these answers to your question helped. 

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Interpretation #4

Sorry I didn’t logged in.

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Answered By: Wolf King(7 points Novice)
Interpretation #5 by Anonymous

I think the deer are definitely the First Task. I think the wolf couldn’t have been bad if it’s white – I think this is a very strong hint for a positive force (no racial hint intended!) 

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Interpretation #6 by Anonymous

If you don’t mind me jumping this wagon, I have to disagree. Deer in dreams usually represent kindness. Being kind, sweet animals that don’t hurt anyone (except for car drivers in the state of Maine), they denote friendships. 

How did it feel when you killed the deer? Were you happy about it or did you do it unwillingfuly?


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Interpretation #7 by Anonymous

the white wolf was probably someone you looked up to and the others were your family or something like that

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Interpretation #8 by Anonymous

Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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Interpretation #9 by Anonymous

This dream is a common dream about life events being shifted to folklore stories that we all know. The werewolf transition is an acute worry that our outward or inward self is changing so as to offend. There is enough concern that it creeps into the dream. Transitory dreams where we become some other type creature is shaped by fictional accounts [i.e movies, books, television].
The deers are deers. They are not symbolic. Deer are eaten by wolves. The dreamer is concerned that innocent will be harmed by their “wolven” ways. The pond is water that reflects. It is not symbolic. The real essence here is becoming a wolf. Either it is a desire to change or a worry of changing.
The dreamer needs to read some biography, some history, some science, or some other real life account and stop thinking about escape through a fairy tale.

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Interpretation #10 by Anonymous

Hey Martha- I think that it depends on what you are raidmeng about. Sometimes I dream about things that I thought about or read before I went to sleep. Then, other dreams seem so real that I am confused when I wake up as to whether they actually occurred in my awake state. You know as kids we had the wildest imaginations, then somehow when we grew up we lost a lot of that. I believe that raidmeng is sort of an expression of our long forgotten imaginations, fantasies (I’m not talking necessarily sexual!) which we want to carry out in real life, or fantasies we absolutely don’t want to occur. Does that make any sense? Moral of my comment? The brain is definitely an amazing thing. Kristi

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Interpretation #11

This dream is warning you not to become a furry, or your life will be forever changed for the worse.

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Answered By: fatefate( points Novice)
Interpretation #12 by Anonymous

all of u are crazy that dream could represent a memory of another life that u could have had, u could have been a wolf in another life, then done something bad and been sent to the human realm

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