5 Key Factors to Consider When Buying Second Hand Cars in Kenya

Cars have become an important aspect of everyday living. Today, everyone wants to have a car because it helps with a safe and quick journey. Since cars depreciate significantly, many people decide to buy second hand cars in Kenya as compared to brand news. The Kenyan motor vehicle market has a plethora of used cars to choose from.

Essential Things to Keep in Mind While Purchasing Second Hand Cars in Kenya

Whether new or old, buying a car is an exciting moment. As compared to new cars, the purchasing process of second hand cars can be overwhelming, especially for first-timers. There are plenty of factors to help you acquire the best deal and save your money. So, let’s begin the journey to be armed with the factor you need to consider.

Determine the Cost

Aspiring for bigger and better cars is a common phenomenon. However, one must consider financing and determine a price range. All costs, including duty, registration, expenses, and insurance need to be given utmost importance. Don’t fall prey to easy monthly installment snare because it may make the car expensive with the time.

buy second hand cars in Kenya.
Easy monthly installment can be expensive in the long run.

Spare Parts of the Car

Buying a car isn’t a one-time investment, as you will have to spend on repair and fuel regularly. It is imperative to do some groundwork and know if the car you are planning to buy has spare parts available locally.

It will help you save your time and will put your mind at ease when looking for spare parts. So, go for a car that is easy to maintain.

Car Reviews

Another crucial determining factor is searching online for car reviews.  When searching for second hand cars for sale in Kenya, make sure you get a car that holds great reputation in the market. When looking for cars, many people make the mistake of only giving insights about different vehicles. So, you ought to choose a dealer that has been serving the industry for many years.

Should Meet Your Needs

When deciding the type of car you want to purchase, it is whimsically essential to look for one that meets your daily needs. From business cars, leisure cars, and spacious cars, there are various types of vehicles available in the market. So, match your car purchase along with your personal interests.

Test Drive is Necessary

Don’t get into the rush of singing on the contract based on what you see. A test drive is required to know the comfort of the seats and the driving experience. Whether you are purchasing from an individual or a dealer, make sure to go with someone who can act as a witness. A pro tip is to avoid going alone or at night.

test drive
A test drive helps to know the driving experience.


There you have it! Purchasing second hand cars in Kenya can be a daunting experience for beginners. Make sure you check the paperwork before proceeding to the purchasing process. It will help you keep from legal troubles. Considering the above information, you can get a car that fits best for your needs.

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