How can We Remember Dreams and Get a Healthy Brain

Remembering dreams after each sleep is whether too strange to us? According to many dream researchers, almost all of us – everyone will have at least a few dreams in each sleep. And when they wake up, most will forget about those dreams, only a few will remember a small dream in their sleep. It is more especially when science has proved that people who remember dreams are often very creative people.

Remember dreams are often very creative people
Remember dreams are often very creative people

Interesting Experiment for People who often remember dreams

An interesting experiment was proposed at a US university, during a 14-week period with 193 students, they were asked questions about waking up hours in each morning, the time they started go to sleep, and do they use stimulants before bedtime?

The study yielded a very interesting result that people with unusual sleeping hours often remember their dreams more than people with normally go-to-bed time. Because they are all dreaming minds, or thoughts and often arise many ideas in the time before sleeping. So their ability to remember their dreams is also very high.

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How can we remember dreams

Let’s check and follow the ways below:

Stage 1: Before going to bed

  1. Plan to get a good night’s sleep

Create a quiet sleeping environment. Removing noise and distractions can prevent you from sleeping deeper. Wear earplugs if needed, and make sure you have thick curtains to block out light from the outside.

Let's make a plan to have a nice sleep
Let’s make a plan to have a nice sleep
  1. Set alarm clock near your bed

If you have to move out of bed to turn off your watch when you wake up, you are more likely to forget what you have just dreamed of. Set an alarm at the time you really get enough sleep.

  1. Do not drink alcohol or take medication before going to bed

The chemicals in these items can affect the memory of your dream in the brain. Try not to eat or drink anything for at least a few hours before going to bed, so nothing can interfere with your memory.

Do not drink alcohol before sleeping
Do not drink alcohol before sleeping

Stage 2: After waking up

  1. Focus on remembering the dream right after waking up

Normally you can only remember the last dream before waking up. Do not move or do anything. Keep your position when you wake up and try to remember as much of your dream as possible before thinking about anything else.

While focusing, focus on the first object you see when you open your eyes. That object will return your dream at a location in memory where you easily remember the details.

  1. Record your dreams into diary

Outline the location of the dream, the key points, the characters, the common emotions of the dream and any other striking images.

Record your dreams into diary
Record your dreams into diary

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