The Premonition of Dream about Kissing – When you kiss someone in your Dream

Kiss is a testimony of love and also a good relationships. So, what is the meaning of dream about kissing often happen to our life?

Why do we have dream about kissing in our sleep?
Why do we have dream about kissing in our sleep?

Why do we have dream about kissing in our sleep

Kiss is the greatest thing, helping us to express our feelings in love and other relationships. It is also the most specialized weapon that helps us to build a solid relationship and resolve any conflict. Behind those dreams about kissing are the mysteries, which contain the means of anticipating what is going to happen to you. So, dream about kissing often brings unexpected predictions that you inconceivable.

Interpreting the dream about kissing

  • Who did you kiss in your dreams?

Who do you have a dream about kissing with?
Who do you have a dream about kissing with?

Your lover: Dreaming about you and your loved ones give each other a passionate kiss means that all misunderstandings and disagreements between both of you will be resolved in the near future. The affection between you both is gradually stronger and more attached, you can decide to go further in your relationship to build a happy family.

Your close friend: Dreams that you kiss your close friend symbolizes the love and concern you give to that person. You are trying to make the relationship between you two more intimate. This dream can also foretell the romantic interest you give to that person.

Your mother: If you dream of kissing your mother, in the near future you will reap a lot of success in life and work. It also means that you will always be valued, honored and respected by others.

A stranger: In the dream about kissing with a stranger, it is an omen that you will gain the attention and support of many people by your own virtue and capacity. Those who confront you must admit about it.

Your enemy: Seeing who you are kissing in your dream is your enemy means that the conflict between you and that person will have the opportunity to be resolved and made good. You two can turn away from enemies to friends someday.

Your ex: Dreaming that you are kissing your old lover means that you still have not forgotten that person, the feeling of velvet and attachment still haunt you every day. You deeply want to be able to heal the relationship and return to a happy time before. Dreaming about this type of dream is also an allusion to the love between you and your new lover is not really mature, you have not found the feeling of trust, love as with the old one.

With the person you are secretly in love with: In the dream if the person you kiss is someone you are “secretly in love with,” then sadly this is a bad sign. The opportunity for you two to become each other’s love is very fragile. However, if you see someone kissing you in the dream and you are very happy about it, then you will have a very good relationship in the near future.


  • The area where you kiss in the dream

A hand kissing: If you dream of kissing someone’s hand, or someone kisses your hand. It can be a sign of respecting and comforting when you are with that person. It also has a deeper meaning of loyalty in the relationship of you two.

A forehead kissing: If you dream of someone kissing your forehead, or you kiss someone’s forehead, this is a sign of dissatisfaction in both relationship.

A cheek kissing: If you dream of kissing someone on your cheek or reverse, this is a sign that you are really enjoying that person, or he/she is interested in you. Kisses on the cheek also express friendship, loyalty, respect and the mutual love.

A neck kissing: If you dream of someone kissing your neck or kissing someone else’s neck, this is to say that you are really thirsty for that person. It represents your passion and a sign of desire for a love emotional.

The area that you kiss in your dream
Dream about kissing in someone’s lips means that you are happy and satisfied in love.

A lips kissing: The kiss on the lips is very special, it affects your emotions. Do you really feel that your kiss is for the person who appears in your dream? Or that kiss should be for someone else? However, dreaming about kissing someone’s lips means that you are happy and satisfied in love, prepared to enter the paradise of higher levels. In dreams, if you find yourself deliberately avoiding someone’ lips, it will be referring to a disease not too serious or a sad affair. If you dream of leaving this person, the forecast will be all peace for both of you.

The information above is a pretty clear explanation for the dream kissing that appear in our night’s sleep. Whether in a dream you kiss someone, or someone who kisses you, you just need to be confident, because in astrology, kiss always expresses the desire, love, loyalty and respect between you and everyone. That’s a good thing, right?

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